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Noordin M Top Images Affected by Fire

AFTER blockade for more than 18 hours, "Densus 88" successfully killed one person in a house in the village of Beji, District Kedu, Temanggung, Central Java. The man who is suspected as a terrorist kingpin origin Malaysia, Noordin M Top.

Several days ago, the image appears on the internet which is called as Noordin M Top, the image that appeared to have a younger face. Even with a very different face image that Noordin assigned by the police for this. Men who died with head split to the forehead, goggle eyes, and mouth gape, not at all like Noordin.

Head of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia, Bambang Hendarso Danuri, not dare make sure that the man who died in the Temanggung was Noordin. Police are still doing DNA tests to find out who the mysterious man.

Image Noordin M Top killed, false

Photo of a male corpse with the head split in the internet scene, this photo originally claimed as a clay image of terrorist killed in hunting Noordin M Top in Temanggung, Central Java. However, later alleged that false image. Photos with the split head image is a teenage suicide plunge from a tower on the 21 July 2009 in Gorontalo.

Many are incredulous that Noordin has died. Intelligence Dynno Cressbon observers, who claim to get 30 photos of men suspected terrorist who died in the Temanggung the source of the police. Based on the image, Dynno sure the man who died in a shooting in Temanggung not Noordin M Top.

The same was also the Head of Center for Violence and Terrorism Singapore, Rohan Gunaratna. Singapore terrorism experts this has not been convincing Noordin killed. Up to now the police have not yet provided clarification. What actually happened? Time will answer. Let's wait.
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Three terrorists killed, Nurdin M. Top suspected one of them

Two terrorists in Jatiasih, Bekasi and one suspected terrorist Noordin M Top in Temanggung, Central Java, died in the arrest made by Densus 88, Indonesian police. Noordin M Top killed on this day (08/08), a day after the arrest of the police in Jatiasih.

All the alleged arrest came from the same network, the network Noordin M Top. Noordin is the most sought by Indonesian police during this action related to terrorism in Indonesia. Noordin is suspected of terrorism and the brain bombardment during this.

With the death Noordin, the establishment of a network is becoming increasingly weak. Thus, security in Indonesia is expected to be increasing significantly. But we can not dally, because the network is very strong and grow quickly. Therefore, after the death Noordin, the police must also work harder to destroy all networks that are associated with Noordin.
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Tourism Places in Indonesia

Jakarta :

Jakarta is the capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, a country composed of more than 13,000 islands with a population of over 180 million. Comprising more than 300 ethnic groups speaking 200 different languages, the Indonesia population exhibits marked diversity in its linguistic, culture, and religious traditions.

Ancol Jakarta Bay
National Monument
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

North Sumatera

North Sumatra is one of Indonesia's last surfing frontiers. "North Sumatra" consists of 5 islands or island groups: Hinako Islands, Nias, Telos and 2 other obscure island groups to the north. North Sumatra receives similar swell to Mentawais and enjoys its peak swell season from May to September.

Pulau Samosir
Dataran Tinggi Karo
Bukit Lawang


Yogyakarta Special Region (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta, DIY) is officially one of Indonesia's 32 provinces. Yogyakarta is one of the foremost cultural centers of Java. This region is located at the foot of the active Merapi volcano, Yogyakarta was in the 16th and 17th centuries the seat of the mighty Javanese empire of Mataram from which present day Yogyakarta has the best inherited of traditions. The city itself has a special charm, which seldom fails to captivate the visitor.

Prambanan Temple
Yogyakarta City
Cave Selarong


Bali Island, the perfect holiday destination for all ages offers something for everyone. Bali offers not just various customs but also various "adrenalin pump" parks. Many exciting amusements are available in Bali, with something new opening all the time. The number of offshore and inland attraction are on the rise because many tourists want them. This tropical paradise has a unique blend of modern tourist facilities combined with wonderful shopping and a rich past and heritage.

Pura Besakih
Garuda Wisnu Kencana
Kuta Beach
Nusa Dua
Sanur Beach
Tanah Lot
Istana Tampaksiring


Lombok in the west and the larger Sumbawa Island in the east. Mataram, on Lombok, is the capital and largest city of the province. The province is administratively divided into six regencies and one municipality, Mataram. The Sasak ethnic group mainly inhabits Lombok, with a minority Balinese population then, Sumbawa and Bima ethnic groups inhabit Sumbawa. Each of these groups has a local language associated with it as well. The population of the province is 3.821.134; 71 percent of the population lives in Lombok.

Senggigi Beach
Narmada Garden
Mount Rinjani National Park

and more ...
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Indonesian Culture

Indonesian culture despite a wide range, but in essence and form influenced by the culture of other cultures such as Chinese, Indian culture and Arab culture. Indian culture, especially the distribution of incoming Hindu and Buddhist in the remote archipelago in Indonesia before. Kingdoms bernafaskan the Hindu and Buddhist religion had dominated the century in the archipelago to-5 by the Christian kingdoms in the archipelago, Kutai, until on the 15th century BC.

Chinese cultural influence and entered the Indonesian culture because intensive interaction between the trade-traders and Chinese merchants Nusantara (Sriwijaya). In addition, many of them go along with Chinese immigrants, immigrants who came from south China and settled in the archipelago. They marry and settle the local population mix, and local Chinese culture is unique. Culture like this is that later became one of the roots of local culture in modern India such as Javanese and Betawi culture.

Arab culture go together with the spread of Islam by Arab traders-traders who stay over in Indonesia on their way to China.

Arrival of European explorers since the tenth century to the 16-archipelago, and the colonization that took place next, to bring various forms of Western culture and establish a modern Indonesian culture as can be found now. Technology, organization and political system, social system, the various elements of culture such as Boga, clothing, economy, and so on, many adopted the Western culture that slow-slow integrated in society.
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Love Bridge

Never been to Ancol, Jakarta?

Certainly know that with a bridge project to the sea at Ancol Beach. Somehow what I call his name but only with CINTA BRIDGE.

Never see from the top? This is the form:

Many young couples spend the night here. As if the world will belong to both. Their tandem as though there is no other man on the bridge. Hmmm .... The beautiful atmosphere of the night there ... ghostly light, slow wave sea breeze, the sound waves ... wow

Want to there?
Please ... there and enjoy the friendly atmosphere ...

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Peep Ranee Bath

Jogjakarta I always remind me a place, not Malioboro (the longer of the slums!), But a site of antiquity Tamansari ... very interesting!

Tamansari far as one I used is a place for Pesanggrahan Yogyakarta Sultan and his family. Some of the sites I visited said that Tamansari built during the Sultan Hamengku Buwono I 17 or the end of the century, quite old. If you have ever been to Yogyakarta, and to market it Ngasem, Tamansari location is in the back, or about 1 km south of Jogjakarta Palace.

Tamansari indeed many already do not look down so that loss of the beauty of the original, only certain parts of it still looks beautiful and incredible to see and visit, one of which is pemandiannya. I smile often remind themselves that the babble that recounts all the details and what the function of the location of the bathing Tamansari.

Ranee Bath

Previously, according to the information that accompanies me, this place used to bath the wife, concubine and king's lady-in-waiting. Given the place that is open, so I wonder, what is not ashamed of the woman's bathroom here (but the old fashioned bathroom is not like ya now ...). Pond that is used to bathe the daughters are quite large and consists of a three-ga if part separated by a three-storey building. two in front and one behind.

When the start of the three-floor building detail is I started a small smile, smile (and I certainly lineament seen ... shame). The building (he said) is used by the king of Yogyakarta antiquity to see his wife a bath .... Do not be ashamed of the bath while she was seen by the eyes of men, and so the question, to see what women's bathroom. Just imagine, the days of old king's wife and mistress are so many. See the women (certainly beautiful, white and clean) the bathroom is the amount of tens, the oho sure once we are spoiled ...

Without all the stories that, Tamansari still interesting to visit. Buildings that represent Jogja yore can be seen here. But little criticism for the manager Tamansari, a map of the entrance in front of the bathing Tamansari updated and replaced a more comfortable view, so people are also nice and interested to see the detail of each building. Those interested can join me back to Jogja later, the easy way to do smth so imagine the king to see the girls bathroom ... hehehe.
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Sell Virginity

Woman to run a bit hesitate to enter the five-star hotel. The security officer who stood beside the door to catch the woman on suspicion. But he only looked only with careful steps toward the woman who then take the seat in the lounge in a little corner. Security officials consider it so long, there must be something that he suspected the woman of. Because the two-time waiter mendatanginya but, the woman only shake one's head. Women's table was still empty. No one is ordered. Then to what the woman sitting alone. Is there someone who is being awaited. Security officer is starting to think that the woman is not the type of woman who always find unprincipled prey at this hotel. He appears to have not too adult. But it can not be spelled out children. Around the age of teenagers who go middle adulthood.

After so long, eventually forcing the officer to approach the table and the woman said:
"Sorry, miss ... What are you waiting for someone? "
"No! "The women face a switch to another place.
"So for what you sit here?"
"Why can not? "Women are starting to look towards the security officers.
"Sorry, miss. This is where class and only intended for people who want to enjoy our services. "
"Meaning you? "
"You have to order something to be able to sit here"
"Later I'll have after I have money. But now, allow me to sit here for something that I will be selling "The woman with the voice slowly.
"Sell? Do you sell something here? "
Officers consider that woman. Appears to have no goods to be sold. Perhaps this woman is a clerk who only bring brochures.
"Ok. Whatever you want to sell, this is not the place to sell. Please understand. "
"I want to sell myself," The woman with the firm while in the scan-in towards the security officers.
Security officer was upset to see the left and right.
"Follow me," The security officer is to give the hand cue.
Women's something that captures the action because there is cooperation smile on the face of the security officers. No doubt the woman is over the officer.

Corridor in the hotel, there is a seat for one person only. In the next room there is between the phone is available specifically for visitors who want to contact the rooms in this hotel. This is the deal in progress.
"Are you serious? "
"I'm serious" The woman is firm.
"How much you ask? "
"At the high. . ''
"Why?" Surprised that the security officer while the woman stare.
"I'm still virgin"
"Virgin? "Now the officer is truly surprise. But face aglow. Golden opportunity to get the excess earnings today .. officers thought that
"How do I know you still virgin?"
"Very easy. All adult males differentiate know where and where not a virgin .. Yes I ... "
"If not? "
"No need to pay ..."
"Okay ..." the officer draw breath. Then look to the left and right.
"I will help get the rich men who want to buy your virginity. "
"Try. "
"How much is required? "
"At the high. "
"How? "
"At the high. I do not know how? "
"Okay. I will offer guests to the hotel. Wait a moment. "
Officers from the slide before the woman. Not long later, the officer came again with the bright face.
"I already get a bidder. He requested Rp. 5 million. How do I? "
"Is there not a more high? "
"This includes the highest," the officer tried to convince.
"I want a higher ..."
"Okay. Wait here ... "the officer away.

Not how long the officer came to the face more radiant.
"I get a higher price. Rp. 6 million. How? "
"Is there not a more high? "
"Mademoiselle, this price is very reasonable for you. Try to imagine, if you are raped by men, you will not get what what. Or suppose you virgin taken by your sweetheart, you will not get what is, except a promise. With money Rp. 6 million you will enjoy the service for star hotels for the night and next day the same morning you can forget it all with a lot of money. And again, you have also been good to me. Because I will get commission from this transaction from the hotel guests. Not fair?. We equally need ... "
"I want to offer the highest ..." The woman, irrespective of babble with the security officer.
Officer was speechless. But do not lose heart.
"Okay, I'll find other guests. But you should join me. Can you button your shirt opened slightly. So that there is something to provoke the people to buy. "The officer was with a bit peeved.

Women are not concerned with the suggestion that the security officer but still follow the steps that officers entered the lift.
Hotel room door was open. From the slant-eyed men appear somewhat aged regard they both smiled.
"This is my purpose, master. What masters interested? "The officer with the satpam politely.
Slant-eyed man is to scrutinize carefully all the woman's body ...
"How? "Ask the men to the Women's.
"At the high-" The woman with the firm.
"What is the highest price that has been given? "The man said to the officer.
"6 million, monsieur"
"Then I dare with the price of 7 million for the night."
Woman speechless.
The officers looked towards the woman and hope there are good answers from the woman.
"How? "Ask the man.
"I want more more ..." The woman.
Officer was smiling wrinkled.
"Take this woman away. "The man was a security officer to close the door to the room hard.
"Miss, you have made me annoyed. Do you truly want to sell? "
"Of course! "
"Then why you reject the highest price ..."
"I have a higher again ..."
Officers draw breath that long. As if holding emotions. He also did not want to lose this opportunity. He tries to make the woman still feels comfortable with him.
"If so, you wait in the earlier course. I will try to find another bidder. "

In the hotel lobby, the officer was trying look one by one the men there. Tried to find a woman who through regular order. It is so long, nothing appears to know him. However, not so far before there's a man who is talking by phone
his fists. "Yesterday I was not giving you money 25 million Rupiah. Is that not enough? "Sounds of male voice spoke.
Men face the acid instantly visible "Come here. I wait. I long for you. I have a week more we do not meet, so I? "Now that the officer knew that the men are talking with the woman.

Then, see, the man was close phone. There is regret in the face of the man.
With the calm, the officer said to the man: "Sir, if you need a woman ...? "
Men stare at a glance towards the security officers and then turned face.
"There are women who sit there," pointing towards the officers before women.
Officer was not of mind to take advantage of this opportunity.
"He still virgin .."
Men approached the officer that.
They face only a half meter. "Is it? "
"Yes, mister. "
"If so introduce me to the woman ..."
"It's my pleasure. But, the pack ... Women have the price as high. "
"I do not care ..." said the man with the firm.
Men are warmly greet the woman.
"Mr. is ready to pay whatever you ask for. Well, now you must be serious .... "The officer was annoyed with the tone.
"Let's just talk in the room." The men, while the insert money to staff it.
The woman followed the man toward the rooms.

In the room ...
"Tell how the price you ask? "
"For healing for my mother's illness"
"Meaning you? "
"I want to sell only one property and honor for healing my mother. That is how I thank .... "
"Only the ..."
"Yes ...! "
Men consider that women face. Seem too young for the honor. This woman did not sell love. Nor sell kesedihannya. No! He only wanted to appear as petarung brave in the midst of social life that is no longer free. This man is conscious, that is before the honor is priceless. Exceed the honor of a virgin for a woman. That is a sacrifice for the persistence with no regret. Wanta is not the wave of the sea but the waves took to bring him where to go. There are over resignation confidence unbeatable. That honor will always be valued and purchased by the honorable people with honorable ways.

"Who are you name? "
"It's not important. The price of a father who can pay ... "The woman
"I can not mention a price. Because you deserve something that is not priced. "
"If so, there is no agreement! "
"There! "The man was immediately.
"Say! "
"I pay for daring souls. That I can buy from you. Receive this money. The amount is more than enough to bring your mother to the hospital. And now return ... "The man that while the money's in the bag works.
"I do not understand ..."
"So far, I always reserve my wife to indulge. He enjoys all of me but he is never grateful. Always rack. Once I give him the forever always ask. But today, I can buy a sense of gratitude from a woman who brave to sacrifice for their parents. This is an honor that there is no value if I can pay ... "
"And, if sincere father ...? "
"Is it less money? "
"More than enough, mister ..."
"Before you go, may I ask one thing? "
"Please ..."
"Why are you so brave ..."
"Who says I dare. I'm afraid ... I pack more than a week I attempt to have a way to bring my mother to the hospital and all failed. When I took the decision to sell me the honor is not encouraged because of lust. The intellect is not the consideration that `I` foolish ... and I only have to be a confidence ... "
"Confidence what? "
"If we are sincere sacrifice for the mother or anybody, then God will honor our guard ..." Women's and step out the room.

Before the door until the woman said:
"So what the father can buy out of this ..."
"Consciousness ..."
.. . .
In a settlement house in the slums. A mother who is sick lie dikejutkan warm embrace by his son.
"You are home, sonny"
"Yes, ma'am ..."
"Where are you, my son ...?"
"Selling something, Mother ..."
"What do you sell?" Mother appeared that face surprise. But that only young women smiling ...
Life as a poor orphaned again too vain to upset life in the midst of all this presumptuous. In the middle of a situation that no longer is free. All the trade. Buy and sell is the daily can not be avoided. But God always gives without purpose, without any calculation
"Now is time for the mother of treatment ..."
He set his mother's bed, saying: "God has purchased that I sell ...".
Taxi earlier that he was renting from the hotel is still faithful waiting in front of her house. Inclusion in a taxi to her mother with caution and told the taxi driver: "Take us to the hospital ..."

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